Monday, August 31, 2009

the Emptiness without Eric

Eric's been gone for over a week, been keeping busy with work and studying for my phlebotomy licensing exam.
Went to the Evergreen State Fair with some friends from work. Got to see animals from all the 4H clubs, pigs, chickens, goats, cows, horses, all the good stinky ones. I even tried to convince ERic that I could have one of the slaughter pigs.
Bought a raffle ticket for a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, its doubtful I will win, but hey, its nice to dream. The drawing is Oct 11 at the mall down the street. I might just go to find out who wins. Also got a set of 800 thread count sheets for $20. We'll see if they last, they are really soft though.
The cats have been extra cuddly, Maggie only when she's hungry, but I won't turn it down!
Bought school books today, had only 1 book available used, so I spent $500. I'm not too thrilled.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Caleb got Married!

Eric and I went to Caleb and Kristi's Wedding this weekend (August 15th) It was a nice wedding and we were able to see a good amount of our family members. Also got to meet our new sister in law, Kristi and her little boy, Tyler (I guess nephew now?) My parents, Rachel, her two kids, Amandine and Thierry, and Gaelan drove down from Michigan. Ian and Chris flew down. Alex, Darci, and their 5 kids, Peter, Paul, Solenne, Sarah, and Samuel also drove down from Oklahoma. Our cousin Amanda also drove over from the other side of Texas. I think Caleb appreciated everyone making the effort to come. Eric got last minute leave and was finally able to meet the family (we've been married 17 months) I think everyone somewhat approved. Eric played Wii boxing and tennis and bowling with Chris, Gaelan, Amandine, mom and maybe even other people. Rachel said that he is dad. Caleb even made several comments about me looking "hot". Said that he had never seen me look as good as I did.
Loved Kristi's dress, it looked really nice, had a small train that could be pinned up for dancing. Her colors were pink and royal blue. They had about 75 people come to the wedding and reception, even dad's best friend JJ and his wife were able to come down. Dad hasn't seen them in over 15 years! Their wedding cake had their faces on it! They froze that part for their one year anniversarry. They had dancing during the reception and her family really likes to dance!
She is going to try to find a job and hopefully go back to school in January. She wants to be a teacher, but I never asked what type? Elementary or Secondary? or what specific course of study? mmhmm I need an email address to email her...
I am very excited for the 3 of them (Tyler got married too) and wish them only the best in the coming years!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ren Faire

Today we went to a Renaissance Festival in Buckely, Wa. I cannot be compared to Michigans as it will fail in all respects, but it was a fun outting nonetheless. This fair was presented in about 2 acres and we covered it in about 3 hours. It had the traditional jousts and musicians and the Queen of Scotland and the craft booths. Eric and I did dress up. I even got a turkey leg that I had been craving. (Eric liked his too)