Sunday, September 13, 2009


I went to the circus yesterday with my friend Chelsey. Mom says I've been to one before, but since I don't remember it doesn't count, so this was my first time! The lighting was dark with lots of special effects, so of course the pictures didn't really turn out. We had the trapeeze (sp?) act and clowns and tigers and elephants and horses and zebras and dogs doing tricks. They shot 2 girls out of a cannon, well fake looklike a cannon but still, shot them thru the air. Lots of gymnast like jumps and twirls. They even made a song and dance to "don't try this at home."

It was a fun activity and for the price ($15) you couldn't beat it! They also had a little meet and greet before where we were able to be up closer with the elephants and clowns. It was good.

Also went and saw Julie and Julia last Sunday. Went to the Evergreen State Fair the Sunday before that. Been keeping busy while Eric's gone.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eric is going to Va?

So Eric's mother and youngest sister, Allycia will be in Va the first week of Oct. It came up in conversation about the possibility of Eric visiting them while he is in RI. Unfortunately the cheapest flights were $340, and for a weekend trip, we couldn't justify it. But his mom really wanted to see him, as did Eric want to see them. And with Eric's schedule next year, who knows when he'll get a chance to see them? So mother in law and I made a deal, we split the cost, and Eric gets to go to Va.
Just bought Eric's ticket, I hope he enjoys his mini trip with his mom and sister.