Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A simple update

It's been a slow month for us but still eventful.
I got more hours at work, now working 545-1230 Mon-Fri, so Eric and I can go in to work together and then I ride the bus home. Also found out that work will pay for my bus pass, did all the paperwork, and should get it starting in August.
Eric has started to take flying lessons. He is working towards his sport pilot's license which is flying a 2 person unpressurized cabin plane that only holds about 400 lbs. He has about 4 hours in, needs 20 to get this license. He is excited and enjoying every bit of it!
We're going to the Rennaissance Festival this weekend, Eric's been making a costume and everything (there will be pictures!) I think he's building this up too much, but I will let him go and see for himself. Each festival is different so maybe they have different stuff here than back in Michigan.
Been in the 90's all last week, had to buy more fans to keep the apt and the cats cool. Most stores are sold out of fans. Again with the abnormal weather, like this winter we had snowstorms and each store ran out of snow chains and shovels because they're not used to a mad rush on those items.
Eric's ship is in Seattle this week (go figure) and he has Wed night, Thurs, Sat, and Sun off. So I will be going back and forth a bit this week.
Also got green dishes the other day. It's nice to have a dish set. lol
Life is going normal otherwise.