Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everyone has a blog so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon

Eric and I have been in Everett for 6 months now. His work schedule has been busy and hectic and every now and then we'll get an extra day off out of the blue. He has had several underways which left me home alone with my kitty, Maggie.

I am on the clinical phase of school, will be at Bremerton Naval Hospital for my externship of drawing blood. Yes, I am becoming a vampire!

We're hoping to be able to come home to visit Michigan sometime this summer. Mainly its to show off Eric to everyone and their brother!

Went to the Detroit Tigers vs Seattle Mariners game last night. Eric I had a blast! We try to do one fun activity each month. Next month we have an Irish Jig to go to at the college. Last month we went go kart racing. Otherwise we see movies and hang out playing Guitar Hero and go mountain biking and do other little things. We're hoping that with my schedule that I will be able to go on the Shoup's Dependents Cruise next month too.

We have lots of goals and plans for this next year and we'll see what happens and how it all works out.