Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom's visit next month

So Eric leaves for deployment in a few weeks (BOO HISS BOO)
and 10 days after he leaves, my mommy comes to town! (YAY)

I've been thinking of a few special things to do with her beyond our normal stuff.

The stuff we always do:
*watch HGTV
*watch movies
*go to movies
*eat at Panera Bread
*work on sewing projects
*wander craft malls
*wander stores like Walmart, Target, Kohls etc (we like to enjoy and make wish lists)

The stuff that's already been decided we will do:
~see cousin Shelli and family
~go antique(ing) (I wonder if this falls under the wander craft malls bit?!?)
~eat breakfast out

Some things I think we should do:
#Space Needle
#Snoqualmie Falls
#CASINO (just to say that we did it, together)

Other Options
%whale watching
%music in the parks
%hydroplane race and show Aug 7-8
%flying heritage museum
%Pacific Science Center

Ok, realistically, some of these activities aren't even for us, but hey, we need to have a few activities inbetween my work those 4 WEEKS I get my mom ALL TO MYSELF

(And of course, there will be lots of emails between Eric and I during that time, and I will miss him lots, but I will enjoy my mom as much as I miss him)