Saturday, May 2, 2009

We have a new addition! And no, its not a little person

Last Saturday we went to the animal shelter to look around. We walked out with a 10 week old, grey and white baby girl kitty. At first Maggie was not thrilled at all, but given a week, they are playing together, able to eat at the same time, be in the same room, even sleep on the bed at the same time! Eric named the kitten Sasha. Maggie acts like a mom at times to Sasha, chasing her out of places she shouldn't, and of course, showing her who's boss. We've made sure to give Maggie her normal attention so that we don't have a bad case of jealousy on our hands. Sasha wants to go outside on the porch but we won't let her. We set it up with netting to let Maggie out there, but Sasha is too small. Plus we're trying to give Maggie her one free place. She sits at the door and smacks at Sasha when she does try to go out. Eric is loving having a baby around, all of that energy little things have. She loves the hair ties and shoes laces and basically anything else that is hanging down. I just can't wait to get her declawed next month!